Nabila is available for all types of occasions including private parties, concerts, and corporate events. Whether you need a high-energy, fun show or a more elegant and artistic mood for your event, Nabila will work with you to tailor the right entertainment for you and your guests.

Most shows are 15 to 25 minutes long, depending upon the location, the guests, and your budget.

The show packages listed are typical formats that work well for most events, but are by no means the only ones! I've listed these here so that you get an idea of what belly dance shows generally offer.

Show pricing starts at $225

mini show The "Mini" Package - Traditional bellydance show with 4 - 5 songs. Includes veil, finger cymbals, sword or candle tray, and audience participation. About 15 - 20 minutes. Best for: small venues, less formal events
ultra The "Ultra" Package - A longer show featuring wings entrance, finger cymbals, sword, and audience participation focusing on the guest(s) of honor. About 20 - 25 minutes. Best for: wedding receptions, anniversaries, birthdays, and other landmark occasions
bachelorette The Bachelorette Party- Full traditional bellydance show, plus fun, half-hour mini-lesson with the latest Middle Eastern pop music. About an hour. Best for: everyone!
concert The Concert Style Show - Highly theatrical presentation with no audience participation. Length and content varies. Best for: corporate events, fashion shows, trade shows.
shamadan Shamadan Show - Once only seen at Egyptian weddings, this traditional flaming headdress is catching on at milestone events. Your guests will applaud and cheer when I wear the spectacular shamadan and lead your guest of honor into their celebration!  After this unforgettable opening and procession (called a Zeffa), I either leave and return later after a costume change for a separate show, or continue with my show after the shamadan entrance. (note: this show is subject to local fire regulations. LED candles available upon request)
group Group Show - Want to really impress your guests? For larger events such as weddings or other big celebrations, ask about a dynamic group show of two, three, or more dancers! This exciting crowd-pleasing presentation includes a breathtaking dramatic wings  entrance, a sensuous sword-balancing act, and a lively Middle-eastern pop choreography. Later, we break into fun audience participation to get the party started. Think of it ... two or three gorgeous, top-notch belly dancers sweeping into your event, wearing dazzling costumes, making this party one your guests won’t forget! All arrangements for group presentations go through the show's creator, Azza Amon, one of New York City's top dancers. Azza can be reached at: 646 456-4406 or

Educational Shows

Perfect for your community group, school, or care facility, a one-hour lecture/demonstration combines dance performance and education. There are many interesting aspects of Middle Eastern Dance that just aren’t experienced in your typical nightclub-style show. Here’s your chance to find out more about this fascinating art!
Wouldn’t you like to know ...

  • How Middle Eastern Dance came to America?
  • How Oriental Dance compares to other dance styles and why?
  • Some things about Middle Eastern music and how it is like music you already know?
  • Why Belly Dancers wear the costumes they do?
  • Why this dance has an undeserved scandalous reputation?
  • and more?
One hour is far too short to cover all the topics there could be, so each lecture focuses on one or two areas of interest for an in-depth look at what makes this living, breathing art form unique and special. Emphasis is placed on historical forces and cultural context. Programs may include visual aids, musical examples, and listening/learning exercises.



Yes, you can dance too!

Practiced by men, women, and children alike in family settings, Middle Eastern ("Belly") Dance has been done in homes and at community festivals for hundreds of years before appearing on stages or in the classroom, and so it still retains the joy of dance done purely for enjoyment or self-expression. As exercise Belly Dance is an excellent low-impact, core-driven movement form; because dance classes use music and rhythm, they engage many more areas of the brain than most forms of conventional exercise.

Nabila's class introduces students to the general Middle Eastern movement vocabulary and the music that traditionally goes with it. Classesl include a general dance warmup that segues into Middle Eastern dance technique and drill, and combines the steps we learn into longer sequences appropriate for the students' level.



1:15 - 2:30 beginning belly dance

Namaste Yoga of Kensington

482 Coney Island Avenue, 2nd Floor

(enter Church Ave, red roor/red stairs)


Q or B train to Church Ave

studio phone: (347) 533-6226

drop-in rate: $20/single class

class cards & packages available


6:45 - 7:45 basic belly dance


31 Nassau Ave


studio phone: (718) 388-2900

G train to Nassau Ave or L train to Bedford Ave

drop-in rate: $17

packages available





917 554-1916



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